Tuesday, October 24, 2006


She controls the Elements, but he controls her heart.

OMG!!! It's so pretty I could just pinch myself!! Anne Cain is the cover artist and she did such a fabulous job--she gave me just what I asked for. You can check out Anne's other works at her Deviant Art site or her website for her collaborative effort Dragon's Disciple

And, you can check out the coming soon page for my fantasy novel Nuermar's Last Witch by clicking on the link.

Go. Read. come back and tell me about it! ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Just in time for Halloween!

That's right, folks, my first horror short story is available today! Just click HERE to check out a witch's brew of wicked stories and naughty fun!

My story is Past Midnight, and it's a tale of karma come full circle when a young woman heeds the beckons of a haunted house...

Also included are tales by Katrina Strauss, Candice Gilmer, H.S. Kinn and more!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


He's 13. He's cute. He's smart. And, I'm so proud he's my son. Mine and my husband's, that is...I can't take all the credit. *wink*

(And, yes, I do feel really old now. I'm the parent of a teenager!)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blessed Autumn

The first round of edits for NUERMAR'S LAST WITCH are completed (Thank the Goddess!) and I sit at this window, south of Summer, and watch the leaves ripple in a growing gold and russet cascade. It rained yesterday, and for a few days before, the air tepid and humid with moisture--yet I yearned for the feel of flannel. Today, the air is cooler, the tea in my mug is hot and my mind drifts the pleasant taste and texture of hot cocoa on my tongue.

I love Autumn.

This Summer had so many ups and downs, joys and heartbreak; truly the most tumultuous time I think I have ever endured. I am glad to have come out of it intact, to be me. Galadriel's line in LOTR's comes to mind, where she pleased in the fact that she resisted the Ring's temptations and remained simply Galadriel.

From it all, I have learned that the best lessons learned are those hardest taught, that the rewards are sweeter for the suffering endured, and that some losses go soul deep. I've learned to be damned grateful for what I do have, and for that which I have not. I am truly Blessed with good friends, a loving family (even if some of them drive me insane), and a budding writing career. And as to the writing career, I am further than many, but not further than most and I know I have a hellish struggle to get where I want to be--but I am ready and willing, and embrace that challenge with arms wide open.

I look forward to long talks with my friends, walks with the dog, carving pumpkins and toasting the seeds. I look forward to chilly days with music streaming from my speakers, fingers dancing across the keys as a waft of steam from my cup drifts past my screen. And, so I ask, what are you looking forward to doing this Fall? Will you be reading, or writing? Will you be out in the crisp Autumn air? Or, will you miss Summer?