Saturday, January 13, 2007


Sorry I am so late in posting the winners, People. I got hit with tonsillitis again, and then my face just kind of blew up in a reactionary rash. :( Wasn't pretty, let me tell you! I have been down on the sofa under the influenece of drugs for days.

But, now to the winners... Everyone, let's congratulate Y, she's been trying since I started the contests, and she's finally won!!
Yolanda get's the necklace!

And Jackie Wisherd, who followed the links for a Fallen Angel's Review chat wins a copy of Nuermar's Last Witch!!

Congratulations to my winners!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


PRIZE 1:That's right, Everyone, this necklace will be this Friday's prize (again!)! And, yes, as with the bear, I made this piece. It's a gorgeous necklace of black Czech glass, and red crystals with antiqued silver accents. Great for dressy wear wear, or that vampire/werewolf look!

PRIZE 2:Another copy of Nuermar's Last Witch will be given away this Friday! People need to read this story that The Romance Studio calls, "A spellbinding fantasy," that is "an exciting action-packed adventure that will enthrall the readers. A familiar plot where the hero and heroine set forth on a quest in search of objects of power to save the kingdom is made new by the exciting action and the surprising magical elements described in the story."
RULES: To make it easy on everyone, you may comment on the blog, with which prize you'd prefer, of email me at :)
Love and Light and best of luck!