Thursday, October 23, 2008


OMG I found this over at and laughed myself sick.

I mean, come on people! if you're going to snark on a classic like Star Wars, you damned well better do it properly. Seriously. If you're going make a sarcastic statement about Yoda's backward sentences, you had better spell the entire thing correctly--especially the focal word of your commentary. Gramar?? No. G-R-A-M-M-A-R. It's like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Casuality of war

There's a battle raging in my brain. Perhaps not quite good vs evil, or even dark vs light. But, the story I SHOULD be writing is locked in head-to-head combat with the story that I should leave alone. It happens to me often, and it seems the more I know I should be focusing on one the more seductive and bewitching the other becomes.

Normally, it's a split down the center--sweet, contemporary romance versus dark, gritty paranormal romance. Hubby always said I'm a split personality, and I guess it really shows in my writing. *sigh*

This time... not so much.

Right now, my contemporary (western) romance sequel and a new contemporary/fantasy romance are at odds. Beau Carlson, a hot kickass sexy cowboy is embroiled in a battle with Adriel, a mysterious warlock. The two contemporary heroines are in the background, hair pulling over who gets written first: The one filled with quiet rebellion who needs to learn to stand up for what she believes in despite the possible consequences, or the one who refuses to believe she is the reincarnation of the warlock's wife.

Is there any question which file is open right now??


See that black cat up there, his name is Basement Cat and he's the lolcat version of the devil. Yeah, he's winning.

Warlock, past lives, and fantasy realms here I come!

Maybe tomorrow I can focus properly...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pretty bit of flash

This is my favorite seasonal piece. I hope ya'll enjoy...

The angel breezed by, her wings sparkling and her halo askew. She giggled, a high sweet sound in the deepening twilight. A devil followed close behind, his tail dragging in the gravel, his pitchfork snagged on the angel’s skirts.

Then, their mother walked past. Each engrossed in their pursuit of sweet treats, and all oblivious to me.

I lay beneath a golden maple, upon the carpet of autumn’s splendor. A chill breeze unsettled my costume in its passage. And, the fallen leaves whispered softly beneath my weight--complaining, displeased that my blood stained them crimson…

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The joy of covers

Nothing makes a book feel real to me like a good cover. Well, feeling it in print in your hands is the ultimate, but when it comes to ebooks, the cover is the inch-thick frosting on top of the cake. (Yes, around here, if I make a cake, I'm making the frosting as thick as possible.)
These two recent covers have stories behind that make them very near and dear to my heart. Not only are they for the 'first' book in that particular genre for me, but they have direct ties to my family. DEAD BY DAWN, for example, is my first release in the horror genre and has my gorgeous (but horribly mouthy) thirteen old-year daughter, Kat gracing it's cover. (Thank you to Renee for letting me use her!!)

For me the cover really does depict the stories. These two tales are spooky, atmospheric, like the ones you here gathered around a campfire, or legends passed down. They are about young, tragic heroines, hence Kat in her chemise, and the trees behind her represent the wild untamed beauty of Michigan, where the two stories take place. The title?? Well... Sunrise doesn't always promise salvation.

The second cover is for my first straight contemporary romance (with HEAVY western underpinings). No paranormal and no fantasy in this one, folks. (Don't gasp) The only magick is in the growth of the characters, and in new love depsite all odds. But there is a magickal bit on the cover now, that will forever elicit a happy smile from me.

The bottom half, the peaceful winter scene is a great representation of where Slade finds Kally suffering from injuries in car crash and hypothermia. BUT, the uniquely special part is that my hubby actually took that picture last fall, the week I started writing the book! How cool is that?? The photo my husband took, to bring some of the beauty of the West, is now gracing the cover of my contemporary (western) romance! And, in October, to be immortalized in print!
So, yeah, these covers are forever among my favorites, because they are little bits of my family shared with the world. :)
Love you, Kat! Love you, Kevin!