Saturday, December 22, 2012

BLOG TOUR so far

BROKEN is coming out so soon my head is spinning. Did you know there's a blog tour going on right now? Yup. I'm all over the place. :-P

At the Manga Maniac Cafe is one of the toughest interviews I've ever done.

Over on BookAngel Booktopia is a guest post I enjoyed writing about music and BROKEN with embedded videos. Emma has a great review of BROKEN up, too.

And on More Than Just Magic is an inerview with a fun lightning round of questions.

The Reader Girls blog has a review.
 The lovely Book Breifs blog has guest post full of quirky facts even I didn't know about BROKEN until I was in the midst of writing it.

And on Popcorn Reads I found a giveaway and review of BROKEN with quotes from the book, and calling it a "mashup of Pet Semetery, Frankesntein, and Romeo and Juliet" (which I kinda adore!). The giveaway is open until Friday the 28th!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: BROKEN's opening pages!

Well, not really... I'm not teasing you today. You can download the opening pages of BROKEN!!

Hope you enjoy them!