Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I know, I know. It's been a couple weeks since I posted a teaser. Go ahead and waggle a finger at me. *hangs head.* *pokes toe in rug*

I've posted a few teasers of BROKEN, from sassy to sweet. There were ones all over on the cover reveal day.

Of all the teasers I've ferreted out of that book, I think this maybe be my favorite. This is the moment Emma realizes something isn't quite right with Alex. And we know from the summary there is a lot that isn't right with him, with them, and what I do to them.


“Sorry man,” Josh raises both hands and steps back. “Just making small talk.”
Alex tips his head slightly, then turns from the curly red-head. Josh puffs his chest, and and clenches his jaw. A vein stands out on his forehead. The building tension must be obvious to Alex, too. He slowly faces back to the redhead and asks, “What?” in that knowing, try-and-push-me tone.
“Nothing,” Josh almost spits, then adds, “See you later Emma,” before walking away.
Alex watches him until he disappears around the hall corner, then turns back to his locker. He exudes mystery where he stands, drawing female gazes like an electromagnet. Brown hair obscures his face while he bends over his lock.
He opens his locker, shuffles stuff, deposits paperwork on the top shelf, and then shuts it while I still struggle to liberate my door from the steel grip of the locking mechanism.
“Want help?” he asks, a spark of amusement in his voice.
“Sure.” I flick him a grateful glance, then look at my hands and rattle off my combination. Simple hope morphs to shock as he spins the numbers, pushing in with each one, then nudges the door with his hip.
The locker pops open.
My jaw drops.
In the two years I’ve had the same locker, only Daniel worked that damn lock as easily as Alex.