Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Craft Diaries

Dear Diary,

Today I finished the The Christmas Stocking. Cranberry damask with black velvet cuff and woven trim with black chord. Very pretty, and more "me" than the blue one of last year. This time, with the Stocking Exchange, mine won't be the ugly duckling in the brood of other custom crafted swan-pretty stockings.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

YA UF pics and such

Today I have a couple pics for you, and the pith and blather in my head about them. ^_^

*drum roll please* These are the Fulsom Alternative hoodies. Harmonic Threads designed the graphic for me from my specifications, and Trophy House of Muskegon printed them.

I think they are bitchin promo items for contests, thank you gifts, as well as a great way to get the word out. Walking billboards. Snort. These shirts turn heads and we get questions about them all the time. (Yes, they are available for order--hoodies or T-shirts--contact me at

The Fulsom shirts are designed after the sweatsuit Avery comes home in after her disasterous first almost-date with Thorn. Full moons + open air parks + werewolves = trouble. Ever punch a werewolf in the face? Avery did. ^_^

On the front is the "Property of Fulsom Alternative NIGHTBRREDS" design. On the back is the question Avery asks herself. Are you freak...or human? There's much to endure, so many lies to sift through and a whole lotta hot smoochin before Avery finds her answer.

You'll have to read the book (when it's published) to find out!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


*sigh* I just finished TEMPTED, by P.C. and Kristin Cast last night. It was a one-day read-athon and a helluva ride! Quiet a few twists, and I loved seeing things from the other characters POVs, though I do heart me some Zoey. One of my major annoyance character seems to have bitten the dust and I must say, Woot! And the ending shocked me. I flipped pages hoping for a sneak peek of BURNED. No such luck. Dammit.

I hate waiting. *sob*

I guess not having to wait is one of the bonuses to writing your own stories. Instant gratification. You can type, THE END, and then turn around, open a new file and type Chapter One right afterwards. That's what I did. although, I now have more than one Chapter One going. The follow up to DRENCHED is in the works, currently titled SPITFIRE, and I started a guy-based older-teen YA currently titled Black Moon Syndicate: Zain's Fall.

I guess I'm addicted to YA. The reading, and the writing of...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sticking my neck out ... kinda

Well, for third time EVER I'm entering a writing contest. This one is for YA/Kid lit queries, the prize is a 30-page critique of MS. Interested? Check here for more details:
Kidlit Contest

Pray for me, y'all cuz you know how I agonize over the query writing/submitting/rejection part of the writing game.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

There's a BIG contest going on!

Here Are a list and photos of the prizes you can win so far and they are YUMMY!
Don't forget to drop and enter to win a Book A Month for 2010 and a Cupcake Care Package!

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Thursday October 22, Prizes

We specialize in vintage inspired aprons for adults and children. The apron styles are all ORIGINAL Boojiboo designs, we make our own patterns to ensure a perfect fit, do not be fooled by imitations. Make sure you own the original apron with the sweetheart neckline, flared skirt, and fitted bust!!!

Cupcake Candle - Smells yummy!

Win an amazing art piece as a bag - I want it and I am very jealous of the winner!

Making messenger bags and custom orders, we have been working with duct tape for several years now. This has given us the experience needed to design items with the structural integrity to endure daily use.

Sleepless in Scotland

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In the fourth book in the MacLean series, the older of twin sisters tries to save her twin from running off with a Maclean, ending up trapped herself.

No Choice But Seduction

By Johanna Lindsey

In Johanna Lindsey’s sizzling Malory novel, Katey Tyler uncovers a kidnapping plot—but doesn’t realize her heart will be taken prisoner as well.

Really Cute Bandana

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Status update

DRENCHED is complete! Over 102-K in just over two-months. Some may say possessed, many have said obsessed *cough* hubby and kids *cough*, but my gf Candice says, "Obsession is a lazy man's term for dedication." So, yeah, I was waaayy dedicated for two months.

The first elemental story has been told, Water has been learned, controlled in the steamy late teen YA UF. Up next? SPITFIRE. Oh, yeah! Hot stuff ^_^ Avery and Thorn's relationship will almost combust. The crush she shares with Sayre will be taken to higher, hotter darker heights. A new and nasty character will make himself known. the plot thickens, lines blur in the heat. Who to trust? Who will live through it? Mwua ha ha ha ha


SPITFIRE: Chapter One

A Halloween Masquerade Ball. Fun, right? Not so much. Dancing, drama, death.

Blood cascaded from the hem of my black gown as I strode away from the cops still talking to witnesses. Anger, hot and prickly chewed through me, from core to crinkled silk. I couldn’t believe how lax things were at Fulsom Alternative Academy. They just let human’s get bitten by vampires? So.Not.Right. He should’ve had a long, long life--human life, that is, not an immortal bloodsucking one. Thorn, my totally gorgeous werewolf boyfriend, shouted something at me, but his voice hardly pierced the crackling haze of anger chattering in my skull.

My best friend Kelsey, her pumpkin orange skirt whipping behind her, ran to catch up. “Avery, the police still want to talk to you. Where are you going?”

Heat rolled off my skin, drying the blood to a tacky, crusty mess over my furled fists. My jaws hurt so bad from holding back sobs I could hardly answer. “Let the police deal with Biter Bitch Barbie. I’m getting some answers.”

She stopped dead, her beaded strappy heels skidding in the grass. “Are you going to Aspen?”

I sucked in a hot breath, glared daggers at the lit window on the bottom floor of the Nightbreeds’ high school. “Damn right I am.”

Monday, October 05, 2009


Yes, it's been a very long time. The summer was hell. My father had a massive aneurysm, then lingered in the hospital. He became cognizant enough to know he didn't know what he was doing, lost enough to not call me by name, but he did see my deceased brother at the foot of his bed. Then, he suffered two heart attacks and died. After that, mother became depressed, my brother went to finding comfort in libation and drug, my sister became very angry. Needless to say, I was never happier to see a season turn.

After losing my dad, I learned a few things. I'm stronger than I thought I could be. And, time is a fickle bitch. I decided to write the kind of story I've always wanted to, try my hand at the genre that has always beckoned. In two months, I have over 80-K and am tying things up in my first YA urban fantasy.

I'll be posting more about the book, pictures, taglines I'm chewing on, etc soon. Until then, get ready because a new breed of shifter is on the way!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Round Two

That's right. I've recouped, pulled up my big girl panties, got my Fierce on and dove back into the deep end of the query pool. I'm praying silently, but chugging on, I've got too many stories to drown in query angst. So, for the fun and fierceness, I'm posting the poem I wrote from my heroine's POV:

I Would Cease…

I would that this renegade heart

Cease within my breast

That I might be free of its permanent pain.

I would that this severed soul

Cease its tattered bleeding

That I might be free of this venom not my own.

I would that I not be this beast,

Cease to be that, which I most despise,

That I might not suffer such sanguine savagery.

I would that I had died when he left me,

Cease in my quest for life,

For in the blessed death of sleep I would be free.

I would live this life no more,

Cease the slaughter I embraced,

For alive, alone, my heart howls in silence.

I would cease...

~by Sariah DuShayne, upon the hundredth full moon
copyright AE Rought, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009


Pardon me while I fall apart and regroup... Time to research other agencies.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation and whatnot

Since finishing Vengeance Moon I've been struggling with Post Write 'em depression--y'know, when you finally finish the book and wonder, 'what next?' I know what I should be doing, I should be writing a sequel, but currently no story is singing. *sigh* Today is pretty much a wash, I'm tired and the arthritis is flared up and making my upper arm muscles achey'; tomorrow, I kick my own ass, fire up the coffee pot early and get cracking.

Last weekend we visited a cottage in Shamrock, Wisconsin; a little piece of Heaven hidden in the woods. To say I love it at Polly Falls is a massive understatement. The long cottage is situated yards from a small waterfall, and a cluster of rapids. We slept to the lullaby of dancing waters, read and played on the little beach during the day, drank good wine and ate great food in the evenings. The last day, my hubby took me by the hand and walked me right up to the falls (he is such a romantic!). Thousands of gallons of water pouring on my feet, kinetic energy charging the air, earth's energy flooding me...absolutely amazing feeling. It's a sensation I wish I could share.

I've been tinkering with a few different WIPs: a 'space opera', a western sequel, a horror romance with zombies *gasp*, Vengeance Eclipsed the sequel to Vengeance Moon, even a realm-to-realm fantasy with a tattooed magician.

Still waiting on word from The Knight Agency. Cross what you've got for me!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vengeance Moon:: characters, blurb

Yes, I've been MIA for quite a while. I'm worried I'm going to turn into a soft, squishy version of John Rambo, go crazy, blow up a town and then cry about it. *snort* In the time I've been off the blogs I have completed the werewolf novel (and it kicks ass. Seriously). I've also rounded up some pictures of actors who best typify my characters (no, no film deal), worked up to different blurbs, a three-sentence pitch, and brain stormed the sequel. So, here's a little taste of what I've been up to:

Werewolf packs have a hierarchy: lap dogs, guard dogs, top dogs. I’m nothing like them, a werewolf hybrid and hell-bent on taking out Xander, the pack alpha and sadistic son of a bitch who made me. Regardless of my werecat distraction, or Xander’s guard dog, I will rip out his throat and spit it back in his face because revenge is a bitch, and so am I.

Xander Waithorn, (Christian Bale) alpha of the werewolf pack. He's a pompous sadistic playboy with a penchant for busty blonds -- he takes what he wants and leaves someone else to clean up the mess. After nearly a century as pack alpha, and with a loyal sergeant-at-arms, Xander thinks his seat of power is secure. Sins pile up. Karma eventually grows teeth. After a life of arrogancy and self-gratification, he has more than one creature gunning for him.

Agro Johnson, (Matt Damon) the enforcer of the werewolf pack. Agro was hired and turned werewolf for his brawn, not his brains. A dog who's been kicked too many times, Agro's turned on his maker, and set a plot in motion to bring about Xander's downfall and his ascenion to pack alpha. Agro's biggest mistake is discounting the bonds of loyalty formed between his enemies in and out of the pack.

Sariah DuShayne (Jessica Biel) She foolishly thought she could share herself with two men, two breeds of Were and not pay a price. When a full moon threesome goes awry, Sariah's lover is killed and she becomes a hybrid. Decades later, when her tolerance for Xander has grown thin and a friend is attacked and left for dead, the time for revenge has finally come. Sariah will risk last life and limb to punish the male Weres for their crimes, to her and the other girls left behind in Xander's quest for gratification.

Stephan Colinford (Ryan Reynolds) He's a natural born werecat with no control over his powers. A rogue lion, he fled the lion Pride in Europe looking for a life in the world of cage combat and Mixed Martial Arts. His dreams for normalcy are dashed the night he first sees Sariah in her hybrid Were form. Drawn like a moth to her flame Stephan shadows her full moon raids, yearning to touch her, taste her, plumb the depths of the connection he feels to her. In falling for Sariah, Stephan embarks on the path to claim his blood heritage, taking control of the lion within.

Shaynie Dawson (Michelle Tractenberg) Orphan and sister to a deceased member of Sariah's den. Hungry for the life her sister led, Shaynie skims the edge of the werewolf world, unaware of the hell she will go through when Xander drags her by his teeth into it's dark abyss. Raped, mauled and left for dead, Shaynie awakes in Sariah's arms. She is destined for a pivitol role in the simmering feud between Sariah and the male werewolves, a role where she will come into her own strength, a role where her heart and soul will be tested.

Jaxon Black (Jared Lehto) is the cousin of Creston Black, local grunge singer and Xander's favorite pet. Jaxon is also Stephan's main competition in the local MMA gym. Jax's dreams of pack inclusion happen on the same new moon that his cousin is killed while Xander hides behind his bodyguard. Blood is thick in the Black clan, and his cousin's death is the turning point in Jax's immortality. He runs both sides of the fence, keeping himself close to the one who let Creston die, while he wins his way into the murder's den and into the heart of her newest addition. To avenge his cousin's death, he will side with the killer, and join the war to take down Xander, the Were that let Creston die.

And my favorite blurb:

Some dogs should be put down. Xander Waithorn is one of them. In Victorian England, he killed my lover and turned me Were. Little did he know, when he bit me, he gave me the power to one day get revenge.

For decades I struggled to harness the gift of my new moon hybrid powers. I regret most of the blood I shed over those years--it is illegal to kill humans, after all. A century later, in a Michigan port town, I found Xander entrenched behind a mercenary bodyguard and an entire pack of werewolves. Xander hadn’t changed--he was still the sick sadistic son of a bitch he’d been when he attacked me. I’ve changed, taken control of my powers, and taken the string of female victims he left behind into the safety of my den.

Only Stephan Colinford, a sexy as hell MMA fighter with a hidden secret has distracted me from my growing vendetta. After Xander attacked a close friend, I waged war on the monster, stealing his territory block by block. And, one night, after I’ve taken his friends, and undermined his authority as Alpha male, I’ll rip his throat out and spit it back in his face, because... Revenge is a bitch, and so am I.

Okay, back to spiffing up the outline. *groan* Well, maybe brew a pot of coffee first, THEN I'll work on the outline. Yep! That's a plan. Honestly, I'll have the brainstorming page for the sequel open, too...probably at least one other story as well... (I should have been a Gemini...)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009



You're goody basket will be packaged and shipped to the cold, snowy north shortly. And to all those who entered, Thank you for playing!

Due to the great response, I will be posting another give-away as soon as I get something crafted. Maybe a basket and a teddy bear? I have done a bear in a long time. I kind of miss making the little cuties. So, check back in a couple weeks and we'll see what I can whip up for y'all.


Monday, February 16, 2009


It's time to unveil the Goody Basket contest for Slade and Kally!! I've been holding this one back until the ARe interview, so I could announce it on air. ^_^

Basket Contents:
  • TWO baskets, one handwoven by me
  • crystal soap, scented with my custom blended New Moon perfume oil
  • bottle of New Moon perfume oil, a light airy mix of jasmine and lavender
  • Western wear inspired green turquoise bracelet beaded by me
  • AND a bevy of items donated by the gals of the Midnight Moon Cafe! MMC items include:
  1. silver and amethyst ring donated by Cassandra Curtis
  2. pouch of lavender buds also from Cassandra
  3. leather pouch from Cassandra
  4. a pile of goodies, note cards, pens, etc from the MMC girls!
So, what do you do to be put in the running for the goody basket?
Here's the rules:

  1. Read the EXCERPT posted on Samhain's website, and answer this question: What was the last thing Kally felt?
  2. Go the the Midnight Moon Cafe BLOG and answer this question: What are the titles of the three free reads in the left hand column, and their respective authors?
  3. Email you answers to with the subject line SLADE AND KALLY GOODY BASKET (only emails with this subject line will be counted.)
  4. Include your email address for later contact.
  5. Contest will be open until March 1st.
Good luck, and Bright Blessings!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vengeance Moon:: teaser

Some dogs should be put down. Xander Waithorn is one of them. In Victorian England, he killed my lover and turned me Were. Little did he know, when he bit me, he gave me the power to one day get revenge.

For decades I struggled to harness the gift of my new moon hybrid powers. I regret most of the blood I shed over those years--it is illegal to kill humans, after all. A century later, in a Michigan port town, I found Xander entrenched behind a mercenary bodyguard and an entire pack of werewolves. Xander hadn’t changed--he was still the sick sadistic son-of-a-bitch he’d been when he attacked me. I’ve changed, taken control of my powers, and taken the string of female victims he left behind into the safety of my den.

Only Stephan Colinford, a sexy as hell MMA fighter with a hidden secret has distracted me from my growing vendetta. After Xander attacked a close friend, I waged war on the monster, stealing his territory block by block. And, one night, after I’ve taken his friends, and undermined his authority as Alpha male, I’ll rip his throat out and spit it back in his face, because... Revenge is a bitch, and so am I.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Host :: my thoughts

Well, I've read it twice now. Read ALL of Stephenie's books twice, and for what it's worth, I like The Host far and above the Twilight saga. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a Fanpire, I love the angst, wolves and vampires in the Twilight saga--hell, I went out and bought Alice's choker with my royalty money--but there is something bewitching about The Host.

As an author, I feel The Host is a better written book--Stephenie echoes that opinion in a video about the book on Amazon (check out video HERE). In my Twilight related discussions with others, I've not held back my disappointment--nay, disgust--at the repetitive words in the Twilight saga. At points, I felt brain bludgeoned by: icy, marble, stone, bronze, Edward Edward Edward... Not to mention Bella's internal whining, like a sink that won't stop dripping through the saga, "I'm not good enough for him", "I'm not good enough for him"...

Granted, there are a couple of words that carried over from the series to The Host that must be Meyer's favorites, like 'crouch'. But for the most part, the repetitious writing isn't there.

The unique plot concept pulled me in. Okay, there are myriad books out there about 'after the fall of human society', but at least for me, this was an entirely new angle. I loved the female lead's duality of character; which, in turn, puts a hell of a spin on the romantic entanglements that arise because of it.

Yes. There is a similar essence in the Twilight saga and The Host. There is a huge HUGE 'threesome' thing throughout the Twilight saga--a plot vehicle that seems like one of Stephenie's favorite horses to beat--but it works better in this one. It is not the same, lacks the neediness, and unbalanced aspect that is prevalent in Twilight. Even though there is an alien entity involved, it seems more human, more realistic in The Host.

Is everything different? No. It's obviously a Meyer's work, but IMHO, this is a better brand, a higher quality of Meyer's work.

After I let a friend borrow it, I'll probably drag it around and read my favorite bits. Again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The joy of villians

The Ohio arena smelled a lot like the nightclub in Michigan. The major difference? This place smelled like cheap beer and ball sweat...

Never before has a villain/antagonist character been so much fun for me to write. Agro is equal parts werewolf and Chip Hazard from the movie Toy Soldiers. He is gruff, determined, tired of being somebody's lapdog, crabby as hell and easily given to violence. The best part? He's cunning and patient.

Well, I'm off to play with the wolfies!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

teeny weeny western sequel snippet

This is a little snippet from Beau and Laney, the sequel to Slade and Kally:

Her sweet perfume curled in his sinuses, but it was the sun on her skin, the way it lit her curves and set her brown eyes on fire that set his blood to surging south away from his thinking brain. Damn, Laney. Why’d you have to fill out so well?

Delaney’s butt was a perfect ornament on the hood of his Mustang when she shimmied closer. She wrapped her fingers in his, and pulled him close, dust motes and pollen dancing a ballet behind her when she spoke. “Remember the last time we were in this field?”

“How could I forget?” His body certainly hadn’t, and that was ten years ago. “You were skinny and skittish as a colt.”

“And you still kissed me anyway.”

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slade and Kally at ARe!

Hey, Everyone, PLEASE do me a favor and go on over to All Romance eBook's MySpace page and leave me some love, okay? They've been busy promoting Slade and Kally and I have been completely clueless. *shhh* don't tattle on me, okay?

The blurb is up, excerpts, video, downloadable desktop... They gals are awesome.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

werewolf take-over

Well, for months, I've floundered with my werewolf story, chewing on the changes I wanted to make, snarling at the inconsistencies holding me back. Recently, the problems cleared themselves in an epiphany of mind-shattering proportions.

Yes. I am supposed to working on other stories.
No. This one doesn't have a home yet.
BUT this is 'the one', if you know what I mean. I think my author friends will know.

btw, that's Forrest Griffin up there. He's a famous MMA fighter in The UFC, and also the inspiration behind Stephan Colinford, the star of the little tidbit of hotness I'm sharing with y'all. (Warning: there are words in this one not found in other AE books. And they are staying.)

His gaze wandered her body, then returned to her face, where he tried to gauge her reactions. Stephan offered her a hand. Her gaze left his eyes, moved to his hand and then seemed to shift internal before her eyelids dropped into a sexy come-hither look.

Stephan wasn’t going anywhere, but he damn sure meant to pull her in. Her fingers were delicate in his when he curled them to his palm and yanked her close, striking her body soft body against his. A strange tingle danced through him. His breathing quickened, his heart raced.

“Oh?” Her breath was intoxicating, an enticing caress on his face. “Don’t you mean the lack of distance between us?”

He released her hand, wrapping his arm around her, spinning them both until her back was pinned to the vinyl coated chain link cage. He curled his fingers into the fencing to either side of her shoulders, leaning close, feeling the heat rise from her before running his nose along the exposed skin of her throat. Goddammn she smelled good--like a lioness but wilder. He growled in her ear. “Do you have a problem with this?”

“Not at all. In fact...” It was her turn to ogle his body. He could almost feel the weight of her gaze straying over his pelvis and loins. He knew she was thinking thoughts as erotic as he was. Stephan caught the color of her imaginings through his untapped werecat senses. “I whole-heartedly encourage it.”

“...bring me to my knees, Saint...” Her thoughts solidified into words for him. Stephan liked the path her mind was on. Seemed Sariah could be a match in bedroom sports.

A soft smile, spread across his lips. He released the cage with his right hand, fingers braiding into her hair on the way to her cheek. “But what if there was distance... if I wasn’t here for a while? We are heading out of town, traveling to another fight venue.”

She pouted. “Bummer. I was just beginning to enjoy this.” Her thoughts weren’t so acquiescent. “...tackle him, ride his hips down to the mat...”

He stiffened just at the images he glimpsed in her mind. Oh yes please. Wait. No, not now. Maybe not ever.

He couldn’t let her know how badly he wanted the same thing. He’d have to tell her everything, then, and he couldn’t admit to what he couldn’t control. Stephan stroked the fine skin of her cheek. “It’ll be a couple weeks. We’re hoping to actually meet a representative of Couture’s gym, maybe Randy himself...”

“Can’t stand in the way of that, can I?” Her bottom lip was full and his mouth watered to taste it. His thumb strayed from her cheek to trace the bottom edge of her lip.

“You could try...” He wanted her to; the lust surging in him demanded it. Her gaze fell, and he stepped back. “By the way, I never properly introduced myself. I’m Stephan Colinford.”

“It’s a pleasure making your acquaintance.” A purr rolled through her words. She made no attempts to hide the cat within. “I’m Sariah DuShayne and I’m dying to know just one thing about you...”