Saturday, February 11, 2012


This post is a little longer than the 250-words. But we said swoon-worthy, so I went for flat-out Hot and Steamy

EXCERPT FROM DRENCHED (out on submission):
From there, my normal shower routine takes a massive skew away from normal. I turn to undress and find I’m not alone. Steam curls from around the white curtain, but cannot match the heat in Thorn’s gaze. My temperature rises in response to his finger hooked in the waistline of my pajama pants and reeling me in.
“What’re you doing?” I ask.
“Helping you get undressed.” His voice is rough velvet on my ears
My brain locks on the feel of his fingers slipping beneath the hem of my t-shirt, and the electric sensation of them brushing my ribs. I draw in a sharp breath after he growls, totally wolf, and drags me to him. Instead of kissing my lips, he sets my nerves afire by nibbling my earlobe, nipping and kissing down my neck. My t-shirt inches up just underneath my breasts, guided by his searching fingers.
Heat floods me, and the fire triangle appears in my head, a rhythmic pulse of flame to match my pounding heart.
“Mm,” he whispers, then licks across my collar bone. “You’re so hot.”
You have no idea, I think. Combustible and you’re playing with matches.
He leaves my shirt halfway up my body. Steam from the shower clings to my skin—I refuse to think he’s making me sweat.
Thorn drags his fingers slowly down my bare sides to my waistband. The fire symbol flares, tugs on my cellular puzzle as his hands meet at my spine and he uses them to pull me closer. My nerves sizzle and snap beneath his teeth when he playfully bites my shoulder. Catching fire under his hands is a huge possibility and I don’t really care. Tingles follow his fingers from my spine to my pelvis, tracing the path of his fingertips along the inside of my pants. The fabric inches down, matching the general direction of his lips along the v-neck of my shirt.
Then, when I’m ready to cave and yank the rest of my clothes off for him, Thorn stops and in one fluid motion disappears behind the outer curtain.