Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stealing a moment

Renaissance, by Wanda Martin,
check out her fabulousness at her DeviantArt gallery
I'm in the process of buying this picture for a new website and blog header

I'm looking ahead, kicking around a few story ideas to play with once I've handed FORESIGHT off to my agent for review. I have a dystopian fantasy stalking me, and a more of less sci-fi fantasy snapping at it's heels. Then, there's the guy based YA my boy's friends are begging me to write. I have this half-finished contemporary western I fell out of love with, too. Oh, I can't forget DRENCHED, either. *sigh*

Back to the end game of the first Reaper story. And I really should figure out a series title--been considering Thanatos Academy. (*snicker* Thanatos = Death) Though, that'll most likely change in an editor's capable hands.

Okay, I'm really, seriously getting back to writing now. Play time's over.

Friday, April 09, 2010


**Hayden Christiansen looks like Chael Pierce, the hero in my YA Reaper story FORESIGHT.**

The partial count has jumped to five. I die every time I think about it, then have to shock myself back to life, dust off and get back to work.

I've changed the sig line of my emails to a quote from my main character: "Death was in my blood, the devil in my details." Echo is a descendant of Greek gods, and becomes embroiled in a ego war between to teen Reapers, falling in love with one despite her father's warnings. Tense, sexy, dark humor, big fun! I can't wait until I can share some snippets of FORESIGHT with y'all.

Well, back to the edits recommended by my agent, and laundry, and dishes, and cooking and cleaning... Glamorous, no?