Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Craft Diaries

Dear Diary,

Today I finished the The Christmas Stocking. Cranberry damask with black velvet cuff and woven trim with black chord. Very pretty, and more "me" than the blue one of last year. This time, with the Stocking Exchange, mine won't be the ugly duckling in the brood of other custom crafted swan-pretty stockings.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

YA UF pics and such

Today I have a couple pics for you, and the pith and blather in my head about them. ^_^

*drum roll please* These are the Fulsom Alternative hoodies. Harmonic Threads designed the graphic for me from my specifications, and Trophy House of Muskegon printed them.

I think they are bitchin promo items for contests, thank you gifts, as well as a great way to get the word out. Walking billboards. Snort. These shirts turn heads and we get questions about them all the time. (Yes, they are available for order--hoodies or T-shirts--contact me at

The Fulsom shirts are designed after the sweatsuit Avery comes home in after her disasterous first almost-date with Thorn. Full moons + open air parks + werewolves = trouble. Ever punch a werewolf in the face? Avery did. ^_^

On the front is the "Property of Fulsom Alternative NIGHTBRREDS" design. On the back is the question Avery asks herself. Are you freak...or human? There's much to endure, so many lies to sift through and a whole lotta hot smoochin before Avery finds her answer.

You'll have to read the book (when it's published) to find out!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


*sigh* I just finished TEMPTED, by P.C. and Kristin Cast last night. It was a one-day read-athon and a helluva ride! Quiet a few twists, and I loved seeing things from the other characters POVs, though I do heart me some Zoey. One of my major annoyance character seems to have bitten the dust and I must say, Woot! And the ending shocked me. I flipped pages hoping for a sneak peek of BURNED. No such luck. Dammit.

I hate waiting. *sob*

I guess not having to wait is one of the bonuses to writing your own stories. Instant gratification. You can type, THE END, and then turn around, open a new file and type Chapter One right afterwards. That's what I did. although, I now have more than one Chapter One going. The follow up to DRENCHED is in the works, currently titled SPITFIRE, and I started a guy-based older-teen YA currently titled Black Moon Syndicate: Zain's Fall.

I guess I'm addicted to YA. The reading, and the writing of...