Monday, November 24, 2008


Never say "Yeah, I can do that" unless it coincides with "Yeah, I want to spend the time to do that."

Last year, I told two friends of mine, "Sure, I can sew fleece jackets for you." Not a direct quote, mind you. Well, one year, three books and 5 Renaissance Faire dresses later, I'm hunched over my sewing machine, spit and snarling because I'm making good on my "I can do that" promise.

What makes me particularly frustrated is I really want to write in my penname erotic/fantasy story with the tattooed warlock. *cue the whining* I can feel the story pressing against every Gotta Write nerve I have. It's...consuming me.

Then, there's a collaborative erotic/time-travel fantasy romance project I'm working on with an author friend--another, "Yeah, I can do that." The time-line sounded totally plausible. Then life got in the way. Her health issues, our kids band/soccer schedules, etc. Now, she's on me to write a love scene that I can't get to because I'm trying to clear out these other "I can do that" projects. And the surrounding tensions have completely chased the sensuality of the scene from my mind.

I have to wonder if I'm masochistic and unaware of it. A sap. A sucker. A doormat... I keep agreeing to things when I shouldn't. And then putting them off until the last possible moment. Thank goodness I perform well under pressure.

Check with me next year. I'll be just as nuts. *sigh*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random and wacky facts--Tidbits

I'm snitching this blog idea from Shell, a blogger I ran into yesterday while blogging over at the MMC. Shell posted some 'random and wacky' tidbits about herself.

1.) I'm addicted to tea. Not just any tea, mind you, but Celestial Seasonings' Morning Thunder. I bring it everywhere I go. I brought it to the hospital after I had my hysterectomy. I even brought it with me to BookExpo when I stayed in the swanky hotel with my agent.

2.) Ages ago, when I was single, I used to wait tables and occasionally act as a female bouncer at the local bar (read: meat market). If girls got into it, if they passed out in the loo, it was my job to get them sorted out. I guess bitchiness has it's benefits. Snort.

3.) I once tanned the ta-tas on the French Riviera. That's right. I went to France in the summer of 1987, and "when in Rome, do as the Romans." So... I went topless on the beaches of Cannes, France. Let me tell you, sunburns THERE sting like hell!

4.) Stuffies. Plushies. Stuffed Animals. Dust collectors. Call 'em what you want. I'm a closet stuffed animal lover. The Build-a-Bear Workshop is one of my favorite haunts. (Go ahead. Giggle. I would, too.) I'll even deepen my shame by telling you, I sleep with a stuffed animal. Currently, it's a Stitch.

5.) I am, at this moment, playing Christmas music. *gasp* Yes, I know. It's not even Thanksgiving. But, 'tis the season, for me. I LOVE Christmas--the lights, the decorations, the FOOD, the pretty music and family gatherings. Don't get me wrong, I bitch profusely while sewing gifts, and trudging through the snow, but I still love this time of year.