Wednesday, August 23, 2006


**Sister, please! Just twenty??**

1.) Busy-body Bitches. STFU, keep your nose in your own shyt--it's smelly enough that you don't need to dig into mine, or anyone elses for that matter.

2.) War protesters. Just because you have the right to free speech doesn't mean you need to use it. Keep your black t-shirts and fucking signs out of our parks. PEACE THOUGH SUPERIOR FIRE POWER

3.) Arrogance. Ain't nobody perfect, Honey, everybody's got a skeleton.

4.) Feeling pushed. Never, ever push me.

5.) Back stabbers. Smile when you hold the knife--et tu, Brute? In case you're wondering, yes, it is familiar to me.

6.) Cartoons. Okay, honestly I used to watch them with the kids *gasp* Now they bug the shyt out of me...unless my caffeine levels are low.

7.) Homie swagger on a white boy. STFU, pull up your pants and speak clearly--your momma didn't raise you to be a hood rat. (Nothing racial here, it's the attempting to be something you're not)

8.) Anorexic bitches in Hollywood. Please, woman, have a damned sandwhich--we don't need to see your bones. That shyt ain't natural; women are made to have curves.

9.) People who glorify those hated in #8. Every heard of enabling? Quit treating them stickbitches like the goddesses they aren't!

10.) Tardiness. I try my damnedest to be on time, so should you. Unless you can't, then have the curtesy to call.

11.) Rude cashiers at the drive-thru. Hello? You choose that job, be nice or GTFO. It's called "customer service" for a reason.

12.) Activists--political, religious, what the fuck ever otherwise. Keep your opinions to yourself.; I don't push mine off on you. You might have the right to free speech, but the pursuit of happiness comes first, and your yapping pisses me off.

13.) Getting lost. Hate it; it scares me, and I am loathe to show fear.

14.) Unacceedable expectations. Be realistic, be forgiving when expectations aren't met.

15.) My own tendancy to take on too much. Yeah, I hate that in myself. I've gotten my ass into more ringers than I care to think about.

16.) Hot weather. Enough said...

17.) People who have no imagination.

18.) People who condem those who do.

19.) Noise. Music is great, I'm addicted to that, but that superfluous noise drives me nuts.

20.) My own ability to be so easily distracted.

I tag Candice! :P


Anonymous said...

Amen my sister!

I was going to go into a small rant on my list about those fuckers against profiling. But...didn't need to go there.

Oh...and retards who like to kill others for their personal religious beliefs. lol

AE Rought said...

LOL, Rene! The world is full of idiots. I could go on and on, but hey, y'know, 20 is a nice round number. ;)

Bernita said...

I so agree.

Dylan said...

Amen to this whole list, especially #8..gosh, eat something already, sheesh!