Sunday, September 17, 2006

And away we go!

Goddess, lend me your strength and guidance through the coming trials!

I received an email from my Samhain editor today--she's one-third through with the edits for Nuermar's Last Witch. *gasp*

I don't know if I should be excited or scared. I know my writing style has evolved so much since I penned that first novel, years ago. How bad will the edits be? I should find out in about a week.

Pray for me, Y'all!

I shall prevail. The book will be awesome. Abundance will abound. So mote it be!


Bernita said...

Let them be motes and not beams, Savannah!

AE Rought said...

Amen! Thanks for stopping by the 'other blog,' Bernita!

Anonymous said...

And you do realize I'm a phone call away if you need to scream, cry, or anything else. lol

Love you!

Candice Gilmer said...

Take care of yourself, I'm sure they wont' be terrrible.. they wouldn't have bought teh book if they thought so, yanno?

Y said...

Ah, you'll be right mate! You know you will. :) And hey, dude, where you getting these awesome pics from, huh? They're gorgeous.

Have a GREAT week, okay? :D

AE Rought said...

Thank gods I have your phone number memorized now!

Love you, too!

I know they liked it, and I am SO grateful for it. I knew the book would need work, *sigh* just didn't think it would be so in depth. lol

How's things in Oz, Girlfriend?
The pics?? Well, some are Victoria Frances, some are snitched from other places, and the warrior chick up in the corner came with the blog template. :)
How's the writing coming along? Have you submitted anywhere, yet??

Y said...

Hey AE!

So, did you have to ask her for permission to use the pics? I checked some of them out and they're gorgeous. But I'm always scared to put any pics up on the ol' blog just incase. :/

Ah, things are going well downunder. And you, what you doing lately?

Still writing... like I have a choice! :) These crazy things inside my head need to get out. I've subbed a few things here and there but still haven't heard back yet.

Catch'a later, and you know my email addy if you wanna chat off the blog. :)

Anonymous said...

How's you, sista? Hope edits are done by now. :)