Monday, March 05, 2007


First off, let me say "Thank you, Samhain Publishing!" for making this dream of mine a reality.
In celebration of Nuermar's Last Witch 's print release this month, I am running a big contest all month long. There are THREE PRIZES!!

1. An e-book of Nuermar's Last Witch, the novel reviewers are calling "a spellbinding fantasy," "an action packed adventure," and was nominated for Ecataromance's Reviewer's Choice Award.
2. A ruby and clear czech fire-polished glass bead necklace. 3. For the one who answers the trivia question correctly, Colly of Skinsations Soap and Bath Products made a goody basket! Included is a vanilla candle to set the mood, two lovely glycerin soaps of Amber Vanilla, and a bottle of Rapture scented body lotion!!

The contest will be open all month, but there is only one way to enter:
1. Email me at
2. put MARCH CONTEST in the subject line
3. in the body of the email put either
· BOOK, or
· TRIVIA (only for the goody basket)

The trivia question is:
Which monk who first greets Maelis and Joran inside the monastery?
(Please do not answer the trivia question here.)

To keep up with me, you can join DarkInk and set your email settings to Special Announcements, because I will be sending out my newsletters that way.

*onerous groan* Someone smack me, please. I've screwed up again. :( Seems I was supposed to post the needed excerpt in which the answer to my trivia question can be found. So, to keep things legal, you can find the need info in the most recent post to my LJ.
Slinking off to my cave...

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