Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Naggy Nancy

Yup, that's right, my girlfriend Nancy Lindquist nagged me this morning for not posting in my blog in a while. So, I'm gonna update any readers here.

Nancy and I are actually working together on a *gasp* non-fiction project. It's a pretty cool idea, and one that my agent likes. She already has a publishing house (which she sells buttloads of books to) in mind for it. As things progess, I will update y'all here.

I sold a short story under my penname to The Wild Rose Press's Scarlet Rosette line. In other words, it's a hot and naughty little diddy. :) And, I am working on a super secret project for Aphrodite's Apples.

Past that, I'm kind of in a rewrite mode, with two different stories going through revisions. And, the sequel to Nuermar's Last Witch is in the works, working title of Nuermar's Only Guardian. It will follow the life of Jartis, Maelis's son. I'm also taken one of my penname's stories over as my own, and changing the title to boot. It's a dark dark (repeated on purpose) paranormal about a werewolf who is a real bitch.

Otherwise, it's hot and humid here. If you know me personally, then you know Summer is NOT my favorite season. Give me Fall! Crisp autumn air. Colored leaves. Sweatshirts and jeans. Hot cocoa. And kids in school!!!

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