Monday, October 20, 2008

Casuality of war

There's a battle raging in my brain. Perhaps not quite good vs evil, or even dark vs light. But, the story I SHOULD be writing is locked in head-to-head combat with the story that I should leave alone. It happens to me often, and it seems the more I know I should be focusing on one the more seductive and bewitching the other becomes.

Normally, it's a split down the center--sweet, contemporary romance versus dark, gritty paranormal romance. Hubby always said I'm a split personality, and I guess it really shows in my writing. *sigh*

This time... not so much.

Right now, my contemporary (western) romance sequel and a new contemporary/fantasy romance are at odds. Beau Carlson, a hot kickass sexy cowboy is embroiled in a battle with Adriel, a mysterious warlock. The two contemporary heroines are in the background, hair pulling over who gets written first: The one filled with quiet rebellion who needs to learn to stand up for what she believes in despite the possible consequences, or the one who refuses to believe she is the reincarnation of the warlock's wife.

Is there any question which file is open right now??


See that black cat up there, his name is Basement Cat and he's the lolcat version of the devil. Yeah, he's winning.

Warlock, past lives, and fantasy realms here I come!

Maybe tomorrow I can focus properly...

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Cora Zane said...

I *heart* that picture. I tell ya, that just made my day! ^_^

Ooh, and warlocks...sounds yummy!