Monday, November 24, 2008


Never say "Yeah, I can do that" unless it coincides with "Yeah, I want to spend the time to do that."

Last year, I told two friends of mine, "Sure, I can sew fleece jackets for you." Not a direct quote, mind you. Well, one year, three books and 5 Renaissance Faire dresses later, I'm hunched over my sewing machine, spit and snarling because I'm making good on my "I can do that" promise.

What makes me particularly frustrated is I really want to write in my penname erotic/fantasy story with the tattooed warlock. *cue the whining* I can feel the story pressing against every Gotta Write nerve I have. It's...consuming me.

Then, there's a collaborative erotic/time-travel fantasy romance project I'm working on with an author friend--another, "Yeah, I can do that." The time-line sounded totally plausible. Then life got in the way. Her health issues, our kids band/soccer schedules, etc. Now, she's on me to write a love scene that I can't get to because I'm trying to clear out these other "I can do that" projects. And the surrounding tensions have completely chased the sensuality of the scene from my mind.

I have to wonder if I'm masochistic and unaware of it. A sap. A sucker. A doormat... I keep agreeing to things when I shouldn't. And then putting them off until the last possible moment. Thank goodness I perform well under pressure.

Check with me next year. I'll be just as nuts. *sigh*


Cora Zane said...

AE, it's highly possible we were separated at birth.

I do that "overbooking" myself all the time. I do it to be helpful, and at the time what I agree to seems fine, but then it always hits me in the tailfeathers as soon as I'm bent on doing something else. Or when I'm feeling particularly keen to slacka$$ around and do nothing at all. LOL!

Grin and bear it, hun, and trudge on through. Betcha ten books you'll feel great once it's all finished. I call it the post-project GLOW. ~_^

N.J.Walters said...

LOL Love the graphic. I feel like that some mornings. *g*

Hang in there, AE. Hopefully it will all come together, get done and be finished soon.