Tuesday, January 20, 2009

teeny weeny western sequel snippet

This is a little snippet from Beau and Laney, the sequel to Slade and Kally:

Her sweet perfume curled in his sinuses, but it was the sun on her skin, the way it lit her curves and set her brown eyes on fire that set his blood to surging south away from his thinking brain. Damn, Laney. Why’d you have to fill out so well?

Delaney’s butt was a perfect ornament on the hood of his Mustang when she shimmied closer. She wrapped her fingers in his, and pulled him close, dust motes and pollen dancing a ballet behind her when she spoke. “Remember the last time we were in this field?”

“How could I forget?” His body certainly hadn’t, and that was ten years ago. “You were skinny and skittish as a colt.”

“And you still kissed me anyway.”

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Cora Zane said...

Yowzers!!! Sexy cowboy alert!!!! *_*