Wednesday, November 11, 2009


*sigh* I just finished TEMPTED, by P.C. and Kristin Cast last night. It was a one-day read-athon and a helluva ride! Quiet a few twists, and I loved seeing things from the other characters POVs, though I do heart me some Zoey. One of my major annoyance character seems to have bitten the dust and I must say, Woot! And the ending shocked me. I flipped pages hoping for a sneak peek of BURNED. No such luck. Dammit.

I hate waiting. *sob*

I guess not having to wait is one of the bonuses to writing your own stories. Instant gratification. You can type, THE END, and then turn around, open a new file and type Chapter One right afterwards. That's what I did. although, I now have more than one Chapter One going. The follow up to DRENCHED is in the works, currently titled SPITFIRE, and I started a guy-based older-teen YA currently titled Black Moon Syndicate: Zain's Fall.

I guess I'm addicted to YA. The reading, and the writing of...

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