Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well, Christmas is over, and the new year fast approaches. I've scanned a few 2011 Top Ten lists and feel so woefully inadequate in my reading. Divergent was on almost every list and I totally agree. Then there were the contemporaries. Yeah... Not my thing. I want more, the paranormal/supernatural/something other in my reads. I could probably do a list of Top Ten Stinkers easier than I could do my own Top Ten, but I won't stick my head on any chopping blocks.

But I will give you my Top Five favorite reads this year:
Across the Universe
Die for Me
The Iron Fey series (read them all this year)

Come on, 2012!! There are SO many books I'm anticipating in the coming months. What about you? Favorite reads? Anticipating a great one?

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