Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hey everyone! Rene Lyons here. Because I'm all laid up recovering from surgery, I've humbly begged my non-blood related sister, AE, to post this for me. Isn't it nice of her that I didn't have to get down on bended knee or offer up a kidney to get her to say yes?

I'm here to announce the print release of The Daystar. Yay! It's my second book to go to print and book two of the Templar Vampire series.

Here's the blurb:
Always feeling different from the world around her, a power grows within Lexine Parker. In the light is where she belongs—even as she finds herself thrust into the nocturnal realm of the Templar vampires.

Scarred by a brutal past, Constantine is a creature consumed with rage. He knows only darkness and sin. Believing he fights a losing battle of redemption, heaven is something he doesn’t dare hope for—until Lexine makes him believe salvation is possible.

Locked away in an ancient castle, they come together in body and spirit, searching for love to chase away the darkness. With Constantine’s soul at stake and Lex’s life on the line, the nights tick down to a cataclysmic event that could tear them apart forever.

Constantine was a real trip to write. He's all things dark and dangerous. Being in his head for the five months it took me to write Daystar was a trip down an emotional roller coaster. His backstory was brutal and often forced me to step away from the computer. To counter his darkness there is Lex. She was a heroine who I truly enjoyed writing. I liked her. It was nice to watch her find her strength. And man, did she need it to deal with the crap I threw at her. Not to mention she had to be able to stand up to the most fierce of all the Templar Vampires. Saying goodbye to them when I'd finished the book damn near killed me. I still find myself "writing" more of their story in my head. I simply can't let go of them. Thankfully, I have them make appearances in the final three books. That's the beauty of a series. I don't have to cut ties with characters I've come to love so much. They get to hang around a bit longer. And when you have a character like Constantine, it's always a bonus to have him stick around. *snicker*

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Pamk said...

congrats on the release and yum I lurve lurve me some constantine. He has been my favorite from the start.