Friday, June 01, 2007



Four Samhain authors challenge you to sail the high seas in search of sexy pirates! Your reward? Pieces of eight?

The Treasure:
A Samhain Gift Certificate for $20 * A copy of one book from each author * A treasure made by hand from each of the authors—a necklace, a bracelet, a book thong, and a candle!

Your First Mates:
AE Rought, Ciar Cullen, Ingela Hyatt, and Ann Cory

Your Mission:
Find the sexy pirates (hint: they look a lot like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom for some reason)
Find the treasure chest

Your map:

BONUS HINT: Don’t forget Myspace and Livejournal pages linked at each site!

How to Win!
Visit each of the links above and look for the treasure chest. Then find two sexy pirates at each site in addition to the treasure chest. Jot down where you found the pirates and the treasure chest, and email your answers to
Don’t forget to tell us the title of the book where you found the treasure, or if it was on the homepage or blog of the author. Simply tell us the author’s name isn’t good enough. You’ll walk the plank for that!

CONTEST RUNS THROUGH JUNE! Don’t give up, if you have questions, email!

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