Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Host :: my thoughts

Well, I've read it twice now. Read ALL of Stephenie's books twice, and for what it's worth, I like The Host far and above the Twilight saga. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a Fanpire, I love the angst, wolves and vampires in the Twilight saga--hell, I went out and bought Alice's choker with my royalty money--but there is something bewitching about The Host.

As an author, I feel The Host is a better written book--Stephenie echoes that opinion in a video about the book on Amazon (check out video HERE). In my Twilight related discussions with others, I've not held back my disappointment--nay, disgust--at the repetitive words in the Twilight saga. At points, I felt brain bludgeoned by: icy, marble, stone, bronze, Edward Edward Edward... Not to mention Bella's internal whining, like a sink that won't stop dripping through the saga, "I'm not good enough for him", "I'm not good enough for him"...

Granted, there are a couple of words that carried over from the series to The Host that must be Meyer's favorites, like 'crouch'. But for the most part, the repetitious writing isn't there.

The unique plot concept pulled me in. Okay, there are myriad books out there about 'after the fall of human society', but at least for me, this was an entirely new angle. I loved the female lead's duality of character; which, in turn, puts a hell of a spin on the romantic entanglements that arise because of it.

Yes. There is a similar essence in the Twilight saga and The Host. There is a huge HUGE 'threesome' thing throughout the Twilight saga--a plot vehicle that seems like one of Stephenie's favorite horses to beat--but it works better in this one. It is not the same, lacks the neediness, and unbalanced aspect that is prevalent in Twilight. Even though there is an alien entity involved, it seems more human, more realistic in The Host.

Is everything different? No. It's obviously a Meyer's work, but IMHO, this is a better brand, a higher quality of Meyer's work.

After I let a friend borrow it, I'll probably drag it around and read my favorite bits. Again.


Cory said...

I'll have to get my hands on this one. It sounds good!

Cora Zane said...

Cool beans. You know something? I've passed by this book again and again, tempted to buy it but just never sure. Now I know I have to read it. Guess I better make room on the TBR shelf!

Happy weekend, lady!

ddurance said...

I have to concur for the most part. The Host is Stephenie Meyer all grown up and she did it very well.
On the other hand, there's just something about the Twilight series that speaks to me at the deepest level. You feel Bella's emotions and remember your own insecurities during your high school years.