Friday, February 13, 2009

Vengeance Moon:: teaser

Some dogs should be put down. Xander Waithorn is one of them. In Victorian England, he killed my lover and turned me Were. Little did he know, when he bit me, he gave me the power to one day get revenge.

For decades I struggled to harness the gift of my new moon hybrid powers. I regret most of the blood I shed over those years--it is illegal to kill humans, after all. A century later, in a Michigan port town, I found Xander entrenched behind a mercenary bodyguard and an entire pack of werewolves. Xander hadn’t changed--he was still the sick sadistic son-of-a-bitch he’d been when he attacked me. I’ve changed, taken control of my powers, and taken the string of female victims he left behind into the safety of my den.

Only Stephan Colinford, a sexy as hell MMA fighter with a hidden secret has distracted me from my growing vendetta. After Xander attacked a close friend, I waged war on the monster, stealing his territory block by block. And, one night, after I’ve taken his friends, and undermined his authority as Alpha male, I’ll rip his throat out and spit it back in his face, because... Revenge is a bitch, and so am I.

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