Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vengeance Moon:: characters, blurb

Yes, I've been MIA for quite a while. I'm worried I'm going to turn into a soft, squishy version of John Rambo, go crazy, blow up a town and then cry about it. *snort* In the time I've been off the blogs I have completed the werewolf novel (and it kicks ass. Seriously). I've also rounded up some pictures of actors who best typify my characters (no, no film deal), worked up to different blurbs, a three-sentence pitch, and brain stormed the sequel. So, here's a little taste of what I've been up to:

Werewolf packs have a hierarchy: lap dogs, guard dogs, top dogs. I’m nothing like them, a werewolf hybrid and hell-bent on taking out Xander, the pack alpha and sadistic son of a bitch who made me. Regardless of my werecat distraction, or Xander’s guard dog, I will rip out his throat and spit it back in his face because revenge is a bitch, and so am I.

Xander Waithorn, (Christian Bale) alpha of the werewolf pack. He's a pompous sadistic playboy with a penchant for busty blonds -- he takes what he wants and leaves someone else to clean up the mess. After nearly a century as pack alpha, and with a loyal sergeant-at-arms, Xander thinks his seat of power is secure. Sins pile up. Karma eventually grows teeth. After a life of arrogancy and self-gratification, he has more than one creature gunning for him.

Agro Johnson, (Matt Damon) the enforcer of the werewolf pack. Agro was hired and turned werewolf for his brawn, not his brains. A dog who's been kicked too many times, Agro's turned on his maker, and set a plot in motion to bring about Xander's downfall and his ascenion to pack alpha. Agro's biggest mistake is discounting the bonds of loyalty formed between his enemies in and out of the pack.

Sariah DuShayne (Jessica Biel) She foolishly thought she could share herself with two men, two breeds of Were and not pay a price. When a full moon threesome goes awry, Sariah's lover is killed and she becomes a hybrid. Decades later, when her tolerance for Xander has grown thin and a friend is attacked and left for dead, the time for revenge has finally come. Sariah will risk last life and limb to punish the male Weres for their crimes, to her and the other girls left behind in Xander's quest for gratification.

Stephan Colinford (Ryan Reynolds) He's a natural born werecat with no control over his powers. A rogue lion, he fled the lion Pride in Europe looking for a life in the world of cage combat and Mixed Martial Arts. His dreams for normalcy are dashed the night he first sees Sariah in her hybrid Were form. Drawn like a moth to her flame Stephan shadows her full moon raids, yearning to touch her, taste her, plumb the depths of the connection he feels to her. In falling for Sariah, Stephan embarks on the path to claim his blood heritage, taking control of the lion within.

Shaynie Dawson (Michelle Tractenberg) Orphan and sister to a deceased member of Sariah's den. Hungry for the life her sister led, Shaynie skims the edge of the werewolf world, unaware of the hell she will go through when Xander drags her by his teeth into it's dark abyss. Raped, mauled and left for dead, Shaynie awakes in Sariah's arms. She is destined for a pivitol role in the simmering feud between Sariah and the male werewolves, a role where she will come into her own strength, a role where her heart and soul will be tested.

Jaxon Black (Jared Lehto) is the cousin of Creston Black, local grunge singer and Xander's favorite pet. Jaxon is also Stephan's main competition in the local MMA gym. Jax's dreams of pack inclusion happen on the same new moon that his cousin is killed while Xander hides behind his bodyguard. Blood is thick in the Black clan, and his cousin's death is the turning point in Jax's immortality. He runs both sides of the fence, keeping himself close to the one who let Creston die, while he wins his way into the murder's den and into the heart of her newest addition. To avenge his cousin's death, he will side with the killer, and join the war to take down Xander, the Were that let Creston die.

And my favorite blurb:

Some dogs should be put down. Xander Waithorn is one of them. In Victorian England, he killed my lover and turned me Were. Little did he know, when he bit me, he gave me the power to one day get revenge.

For decades I struggled to harness the gift of my new moon hybrid powers. I regret most of the blood I shed over those years--it is illegal to kill humans, after all. A century later, in a Michigan port town, I found Xander entrenched behind a mercenary bodyguard and an entire pack of werewolves. Xander hadn’t changed--he was still the sick sadistic son of a bitch he’d been when he attacked me. I’ve changed, taken control of my powers, and taken the string of female victims he left behind into the safety of my den.

Only Stephan Colinford, a sexy as hell MMA fighter with a hidden secret has distracted me from my growing vendetta. After Xander attacked a close friend, I waged war on the monster, stealing his territory block by block. And, one night, after I’ve taken his friends, and undermined his authority as Alpha male, I’ll rip his throat out and spit it back in his face, because... Revenge is a bitch, and so am I.

Okay, back to spiffing up the outline. *groan* Well, maybe brew a pot of coffee first, THEN I'll work on the outline. Yep! That's a plan. Honestly, I'll have the brainstorming page for the sequel open, too...probably at least one other story as well... (I should have been a Gemini...)


Kim said...

Awesome bios of your characters. Does this mean that you got a movie deal?!

AE Rought said...

I WISH I had a movie deal! *_* These actors are just the best ones I've found to represent my characters.

You never know what can happen, what cards Fate will put into play, though.

Anonymous said...

I want more I know I am greedy but... I still want more!