Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation and whatnot

Since finishing Vengeance Moon I've been struggling with Post Write 'em depression--y'know, when you finally finish the book and wonder, 'what next?' I know what I should be doing, I should be writing a sequel, but currently no story is singing. *sigh* Today is pretty much a wash, I'm tired and the arthritis is flared up and making my upper arm muscles achey'; tomorrow, I kick my own ass, fire up the coffee pot early and get cracking.

Last weekend we visited a cottage in Shamrock, Wisconsin; a little piece of Heaven hidden in the woods. To say I love it at Polly Falls is a massive understatement. The long cottage is situated yards from a small waterfall, and a cluster of rapids. We slept to the lullaby of dancing waters, read and played on the little beach during the day, drank good wine and ate great food in the evenings. The last day, my hubby took me by the hand and walked me right up to the falls (he is such a romantic!). Thousands of gallons of water pouring on my feet, kinetic energy charging the air, earth's energy flooding me...absolutely amazing feeling. It's a sensation I wish I could share.

I've been tinkering with a few different WIPs: a 'space opera', a western sequel, a horror romance with zombies *gasp*, Vengeance Eclipsed the sequel to Vengeance Moon, even a realm-to-realm fantasy with a tattooed magician.

Still waiting on word from The Knight Agency. Cross what you've got for me!

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Cora Zane said...

Love the picture! That looks like a great time.

Ooooh, good luck with your sub TKA! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! :D