Friday, June 12, 2009

Round Two

That's right. I've recouped, pulled up my big girl panties, got my Fierce on and dove back into the deep end of the query pool. I'm praying silently, but chugging on, I've got too many stories to drown in query angst. So, for the fun and fierceness, I'm posting the poem I wrote from my heroine's POV:

I Would Cease…

I would that this renegade heart

Cease within my breast

That I might be free of its permanent pain.

I would that this severed soul

Cease its tattered bleeding

That I might be free of this venom not my own.

I would that I not be this beast,

Cease to be that, which I most despise,

That I might not suffer such sanguine savagery.

I would that I had died when he left me,

Cease in my quest for life,

For in the blessed death of sleep I would be free.

I would live this life no more,

Cease the slaughter I embraced,

For alive, alone, my heart howls in silence.

I would cease...

~by Sariah DuShayne, upon the hundredth full moon
copyright AE Rought, 2009


Cora Zane said...

Awesome poem! And I commend your FIERCE! I may even need to borrow some of it one of these days. ^_^


AE Rought said...

I've got it to share, dear. ^_^ I may whine and whimper, but then I usually get fierce.

Cassandra said...

I adore your fierce kitty spirit. She's a big cat and will pounce on her prey.

Set your sights in other directions. Just because a rabbit got away doesn't mean a better meal isn't hiding in the forest. I fully believe that wild pig is yours for the taking.

And succulent pig is far more tasty for a big cat than a widdle wabbit. :D

Love and hugs,