Monday, October 05, 2009


Yes, it's been a very long time. The summer was hell. My father had a massive aneurysm, then lingered in the hospital. He became cognizant enough to know he didn't know what he was doing, lost enough to not call me by name, but he did see my deceased brother at the foot of his bed. Then, he suffered two heart attacks and died. After that, mother became depressed, my brother went to finding comfort in libation and drug, my sister became very angry. Needless to say, I was never happier to see a season turn.

After losing my dad, I learned a few things. I'm stronger than I thought I could be. And, time is a fickle bitch. I decided to write the kind of story I've always wanted to, try my hand at the genre that has always beckoned. In two months, I have over 80-K and am tying things up in my first YA urban fantasy.

I'll be posting more about the book, pictures, taglines I'm chewing on, etc soon. Until then, get ready because a new breed of shifter is on the way!

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