Thursday, October 22, 2009

Status update

DRENCHED is complete! Over 102-K in just over two-months. Some may say possessed, many have said obsessed *cough* hubby and kids *cough*, but my gf Candice says, "Obsession is a lazy man's term for dedication." So, yeah, I was waaayy dedicated for two months.

The first elemental story has been told, Water has been learned, controlled in the steamy late teen YA UF. Up next? SPITFIRE. Oh, yeah! Hot stuff ^_^ Avery and Thorn's relationship will almost combust. The crush she shares with Sayre will be taken to higher, hotter darker heights. A new and nasty character will make himself known. the plot thickens, lines blur in the heat. Who to trust? Who will live through it? Mwua ha ha ha ha


SPITFIRE: Chapter One

A Halloween Masquerade Ball. Fun, right? Not so much. Dancing, drama, death.

Blood cascaded from the hem of my black gown as I strode away from the cops still talking to witnesses. Anger, hot and prickly chewed through me, from core to crinkled silk. I couldn’t believe how lax things were at Fulsom Alternative Academy. They just let human’s get bitten by vampires? So.Not.Right. He should’ve had a long, long life--human life, that is, not an immortal bloodsucking one. Thorn, my totally gorgeous werewolf boyfriend, shouted something at me, but his voice hardly pierced the crackling haze of anger chattering in my skull.

My best friend Kelsey, her pumpkin orange skirt whipping behind her, ran to catch up. “Avery, the police still want to talk to you. Where are you going?”

Heat rolled off my skin, drying the blood to a tacky, crusty mess over my furled fists. My jaws hurt so bad from holding back sobs I could hardly answer. “Let the police deal with Biter Bitch Barbie. I’m getting some answers.”

She stopped dead, her beaded strappy heels skidding in the grass. “Are you going to Aspen?”

I sucked in a hot breath, glared daggers at the lit window on the bottom floor of the Nightbreeds’ high school. “Damn right I am.”

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