Thursday, February 24, 2011


Over at The Oasis for YA, where I co-blog with some other fabulous writers, we're starting a meme.

Gratitude is one of the major positive forces in the universe and the more you show, the more good you will have in your life to be grateful for. Did you know that? The universal symbol for gratitude is a spiral, and once you realize it, you will see it everywhere... Go HERE to see what I mean.

So, without further preachyness I give you a few of the things I find to be thankful for today:

I'm grateful for the rotten cat who constantly pesters me to hold him, because when I do I'm forced to take a little break.

I'm grateful for no news on the submissions front, because (at least right now) there are no rejections to bring me down.

I'm grateful for the partially empty cupboards and fridge, because even though my day-before-groceries choices are limited, I still have choices.

I'm grateful that even though I still haven't had "the call", I get to do what I love every day and explain it away as my job.

I'm grateful for my friends, far and near, because they bring joy to my life in ways I never expected.

I could do on and on. Can you? Visit the Oasis and see what others are Thankful for.
Jump in the Spiral, and share your path!


Nancy Holzner said...

I love this idea. And you're right: Gratitude is a powerful force that changes one's perceptions and opens the way for more gratitude-worthy stuff to come in.

And I enjoyed reading your list, especially the way you shift perspective on things to appreciate things as they are right now. That's a powerful exercise! I'd been feeling a little resentful of certain things in my own life recently, and you've got me thinking about how to turn around the way I look at them. Thanks for that!

Katy said...

"I'm grateful that even though I still haven't had "the call", I get to do what I love every day and explain it away as my job."

This puts a lot in perspective for me. Thanks for the great post, Ann. :)

Jennifer M. Hartsock said...

I'm curious of step 3 on Oasis For YA. It asks to post a link to my blog in the comments so that others can find me. However, I can't seem to find where I can post a comment.