Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silly on Sunday

Maybe it's because I slept last night. Or maybe because I haven't had any caffeine yet. Either way I'm feeling kinda silly today, so I figured I'd give you a few things I bet you didn't know about me.

1. I have two long parallel white scars angling across my forearm from a bad mopping incident. Lying to myself and saying I liked the quiet, alone time, I used to clean houses before I decide to seriously pursue publication. The houses were pretty, mostly upscale cottages on Lake Michigan. One of the last times I cleaned I fought a mop and the mop won. The sponge head broke off and the metal it was screwed to ripped across my forearm. Then, I had to clean up the blood with cleaning rags. Yippee.

2. The gold band on my left index finger is my Dad's wedding band. After he passed away it was the one thing I said I wanted. I got my creativity, my work ethic, and capacity to love beyond faults from him.

3. I have a stuffed animal addiction. Wanna make me happy? Bring me a stuffy.

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