Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

Remember this one? *wistful sigh* I do...

Fringe meets True Blood, but with Weres taking a leading role.

Anything-but-typical teen Avery Frost experiences body-torquing pain with every full moon. Her geneticist father insists it's all in her mind, and keeps her locked away at home when the moon is full. Avery knows he's hiding something, from her and from himself.

It's been four years since the Nightbreeds outted themselves, creating an uneasy 'separate but equal' society. Avery fears her agony is an indication she's the next one who'll shift and be hauled off and locked away at the all-werewolf Fulsom Alternative Academy. But every cycle only brings more intense, mind-shattering, life-draining suffering.

When werewolf Prime Thorn Mitchell catches Avery's scent, he knows she's Wolf, alright, but there's something off, something not quite right. His job is to reveal her for what she is, force her to enter Fulsom and accept her breed. The revelation creates utter chaos and misery. Avery's father is kidnapped for the work he's been doing, work that will reveal the lies he's told her her entire life about who she is. What she is. She is the pinnacle of a scientific experiment that will bring the Nightbreed packs to war. An assassin stalks the halls of Fulsom Academy, assigned with making certain Avery, and the threat she represents, is eliminated.

As a broken Wolf unable to shift, with secrets lurking in her genetic makeup that could either save her life or kill her, Avery turns to the boy who destroyed what was passing for her 'normal' life. Together, they try to find her kidnapped father and assemble the missing pieces of the mystery of her birth to allow her to shift into what she is to become, or die.

Represented by Gina Panettieri

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