Tuesday, July 03, 2012

TEASER TUESDAY: BROKEN lunchroom snippet

 Seeing as I'm editing, and just hit this scene, I thought it would be fun to share. This gives you a good feeling for Emma and her friends at Shelley High...

Unedited excerpt from BROKEN:

“Wassup, Em?” asks Bree’s friend Jason Weller, pretty in a not-interesting way, and normally the leading male role in any Shelley High theater production. “You going to the dance this weekend? I hear Bree has some kickass costumes picked out for you guys.”
“I don’t know.” I turn it around on him. “What’s she dressing you as?”
“Oh…” His smile is perfectly practiced when he feigns interest in buffing his nails on his sleeve. “We have a theme this year. It will be ah-mazing.”
With Jason, everything good is “ah-mazing.” And for a straight guy, he has damn good taste. Well, not in girlfriends. When it comes to girls, his taste is somewhere between airhead and bitch. But I don’t judge...

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Erika Stroup said...

This is freaking hilarious!!!