Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Emma's heart might be broken in the beginning, her soul may have been gouged by loss, but it didn't affect her whit or her sharp tongue when a snappy comeback is in order...

Unedited excerpt from BROKEN releasing in January from Strange Chemistry:

Catching sight of Bree, all in blues and pinks, I hustle to cross the street. Brakes squeal, and Josh Mason lays on the horn when his crappy Z-28 nearly sideswipes me. He shoves his head out the window and yells something less than nice about me being in my “proper spot on the curb.” Breaths are sucked in up and down the block, and all eyes turn toward me. With a half-smirk, I rail him with a comeback about his car and his orifices. Slinging insults is better than wasting my coffee on his windshield.

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Larissa said...

Ha! I like her. :) Can't wait to read more!