Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Alright, Gentle Readers, I am having a prize basket blow out this week in celebration of the blessed Yuletide season! Not just one, not just two, but THREE different prizes! (Other authors are welcome to join in the fun, btw)

1. A copy of NUERMAR'S LAST WITCH, the e-book fantasy novel that is heralded as, "a wondrously magical adventure in a battle against good and evil, A.E. Rought has created a fantasy world that opens the door to love and passion. Readers will be able to experience a world like no other filled with amazing creations that will leave them in awe." (Anita of The Romance Studio)

2. A copy of SPELLBOUND, the e-book anthology published by Aphrodite's Apples, which contains my short horror story, PAST MIDNIGHT. PAST MIDNIGHT is a story of karma come full circle, a short story which Jennifer of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques says, "those of who love a good story that unravels naturally with an intriguing twist will surely enjoy Past Midnight."
3. This gorgeous hand-strung necklace of AB crystal, pressed glass, silver and hematite beads! (The picture just does not do these icy beads justice, People, it's a very pretty, sparkly piece, not matte like this picture.) It is not a choker, but lays just nicely on the neckline. The focal point has a silver charm dangling that simply reads, "Love," which is the highest power.
AND, to make it easier on those who have trouble leaving comments on Blogger, I am adding another way to enter the contest. You can 1) leave a comment here, 2) leave a comment on my MySpace blog, 3) email me at AERought@gmail.com, or 4) join my Yahoo! Group, Dark Ink, and leave a comment on the messageboard.
As addendum... There are two unclaimed prizes from last week. :( Amy, and Becky please contact me AERought@gmail.com so that your prizes can be sent out.
Best of luck to all of you!


Y said...

AE! I just sent you a FRIEND ADD thingy over at MySpace. Yeah, I set myself up the other day and have been going crazy setting things up. I wasn't sure if you were there or not... so, anyway, there should be a request from ME waiting for you! ;)

Okay, LOVE the prizes you have on offer! Please count me into the drawing, of course!!!

Have a GREAT day! :D

AE Rought said...

I added you on MySpace, Sweetie! I haven't check the page, I will do that later. I'm so tired I can hardly see straight right now :(

Of course you're counted in the drawing!

jennybrat said...

Please enter me in the contest.

AE Rought said...

COnsider it so, Jenny! :)

Y said...

Thanks, AE!!! :D

Sue A. said...

Hi AE, I love the cover to NUERMAR'S LAST WITCH, it's beautiful!

Sorry I missed the party, and thank you for this chance to win the book.

Tam said...

Count me into the drawing too. Please.



Bernita said...

And that's a really nice fastener, too.

Pam P. said...

That's another very pretty necklace, AE. Did you make this one, too?

Love the book excerpt and that cover.

AE Rought said...

Sue A~
I just love my cover! The Artist gave me just what I asked for :) You're most welcome for being entered into this weeks drawing, too.

You're in like Flynn, Woman! :)
Happy Christmas to you, as well.

That's the best kind of clasp to use. They are easier for those of us with stiff fingers. :)

Pam P~
Yup, I made it! Making jewelry is one of my favourite hobbies.

Thanks for the kudos on the excerpt and cover, btw.

Liz said...

Please enter me too. Nuermar is on my list

annalisa said...

I would love to be entered in your contest drawing. You are offering some great prizes!

The cover for NUERMAR'S LAST WITCH is gorgeous, and it sounds like a great read!

Hope you have a very merry holiday season! :)

Pamk said...

wow love these prizes and if they don't claim last week's prizes I'd be happy to take them off your hands lol

KimW said...

What a beautiful necklace!!

AE Rought said...

I'm glad Nuermar's on your list! COnsider yourself entered. :)

A Blessed Yule and Happy Christmas to you, as well! You have a great name! Very, very close to my own, actually :)

Thanks, btw, I try to offer good prizes, and in the months to come, when I go down to one contest a month, they'll be bigger and unique as weel--handcrafted art glass pendants, gift baskets of handcrafted bath goodies and more! Definitely consider yourself entered!

Pam K~
Those prizes unclaimed will be back up for grabs, and the names from that drawing will be used again for those prizes, so... you've got a chance! My poor desktop Grinch is unpleased with the amount of jewelry on him at present moment! LOL

Kim W~
Thank you, thank you. I try :)

Pam P. said...

LOL, PamK!

AE, I bet those art glass pendants are really nice, too. I love handcrafts, and have so many things and unique jewelry from craft fairs or made by relatives. You have a nice eye for design.

Happy Holidays!

AE Rought said...

Pam P~

Yup, the art glass pendants are cool. And, what's better, they're made by a friend of mine :)

I'm a handcraft hound! In fact, my very first screen name was Craftwitch!

Billie L said...


You have such great prizes. Please count me in on this contest of yours. I have just started reading Nuemar's Last Witch and so far it is great. Keep up the good work. That beautiful necklace shows that you have another great talent.

KarenG said...

Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays!