Saturday, December 23, 2006

WINNERS of Contest 3

Wow! You ladies commenting in this blog made out like bandits in this drawing!! Every single winner is a recent commentor here. Way to GO!

Thanks go to my DH, who did the drawing for me this week, again. He's such a big help! Plus, it gives me a reason to post this picture--probably my favourite one of him :P

Okay, so here's how it shakes down:

1.) Annalisa (a newcomer) gets a copy of NUERMAR'S LAST WITCH

2.) Sue A gets a copy of SPELLBOUND

3.) Jennybrat wins the necklace

Ladies, please email me at You lucky book winners will need to give me their email address, and Jennybrat will, of course, need to give me her postal address.

*Next week, if I haven't heard from Contest 2's winners, I will once more offer those prizes--gotta be fair to everybody, giving time to the winners, and giving another opportunity to those who didn't win the first time around.*

I'm waiting on you!




Sue A. said...

Thanks again AE!

And congratulations to Annalisa and Jennybrat on their wins!

Bernita said...

Merry Christmas, Girl!

shadow31071 said...

Congratulations on the recent reviews for "Nuermar's Last Witch" it sounds like a great read. I also wanted to say congratulations to the winners of contest #3.

AE Rought said...

Thanks for the congrats, Shadow! I hope everyone who picks up Witch thinks it's a good read :)